After over two years of testing we have finally come up with an all-natural formula that affords dogs a longer and healthier life
with proactive ingredients that help protect dogs from contracting diseases, including cancer, and offers improvement from many
they may already have. Additionally, the drink mix comes in an aromatic meat flavor that entices dogs to wiggle for it in anticipation.

Through our formulated powdered drink mix we are giving our dogs an organic supplement called Wolfberry. The “wolfberry
fruit,” as the berries are known in China, has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine since around 200 B.C.  Wolfberry’s
antioxidants known as beta-carotene, have the ability to reduce blood glucose, regulate cholesterol levels and keep triglycerides
at an ideal balance, and they’re also shown to prevent heart disease. They are an excellent source of antioxidants that help boost
the immune system in both humans and dogs.

According to an article in Animal Wellness Magazine written by New York Times columnist Juniper Russo, wolfberry has been
shown to reduce inflammation, improve heart health, help prevent eye disease, and even improve brain function in dogs.  Wolves
in the wild love this berry and from all our testing, so do our domesticated dogs!

Imagine a mix of wolfberry with the wonderful aroma and flavor of bacon. And then imagine this combination being put into a
powdered form that can be added to an 8 oz. bottle of water, then shaken and given to your dog for a healthy and meaty flavored
drink of water.

Well, we did imagine, and we've come up with a bacon flavored formula to provide a hydrating drink for an on the go or at home
dog's healthy treat.  Taken daily, your dog will have a longer healthier life.  Preventing disease while keeping your dog's tail
wagging at the same time.

It comes in a box with 12 individual packets to be added to an 8 oz bottle of water, shaken and poured into a bowl for your dogs
pleasure. It also serves as an incentive for fussy dogs to drink more water for better hydration.

Check back with us to find out when Kanine Koolers will be available for purchase!
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