About Us
Diane Brown is one of the creators and co-founders
of Kanine Koolers. Diane's impressive business resume
includes advertising and helping people find jobs.
The Beginning
Every day when Diane gets home from work she sits in the living room and chats with her mother.
One day when they were talking, their dog was thirstily slurping her water in the water bowl, and
that is when the idea came to Diane.  After further discussion about it the more excited they got.
This inspired the creation of Kanine Koolers.  From these daily talks, an idea was born.

Diane's brother came up with the name for the product. All in all, a family business is being born.
Teresa Brown is the other creator and co-founder of
Kanine Koolers.  She is a retired paralegal and the
author of several books at Crary Publications.
Kanine Koolers, LLC  |   5233 Painted Pebble Street  |   North Las Vegas, Nevada 89081
702-453-3669     |   email: tabrown or dtbrown at kanine koolers. com
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